1:1 Support

1:1 sports coaching support is available to help children that require extra support either for behaviour, learning or for vulnerable children. We also provide support for children that are excelling in sport and require enhanced development.


We have vast experience in the education environment and understand that no child is the same and each individual's needs are different, and so sometimes there are individual children that need extra support. 

We have devised a bespoke provision to be able to support schools and it's individuals within. Our 1:1 support programme provides schools with the option of ad-hoc or regular support to work with individuals to support the following: 

✔︎ Behavioural needs
✔︎ Vulnerable children 
✔︎ Gifted and talent individuals

This programme can be tailored to each individual and school, varying from specific sport delivery to engagement activities. 


⭐︎ Focused and engagement time

⭐︎ Enhance individual's potential 

⭐︎ Time-out for children

⭐︎ Access to a role model for children to look up to

⭐︎ To challenge children

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