Birthday Parties

Coach4u brings you personalised birthday parties for both boys and girls of all ages from 5-16. We adopt a personal approach for the birthday child, providing extensive choice in sports to cater for all individual's special day.

 We begin the party planning process with a brief consultation to allow us to understand your requirement, by completing a party planner with a member of staff. This enables us to provide the best possible day for the birthday child and their friends.

Our parties are hassle free for the adults and pure enjoyment for all the participants. So take the opportunity to see below which packages we offer to suit you.

Our Packages

We have a birthday party to cater for all; our party packages are set up to suit all ages, budgets, sports and requirements. We provide 3 very different party packages to choose from, varying from a bronze starter package to a luxury gold birthday experience. While alongside these, we offer a bespoke 'build a party' package through our Ultimate Platinum party package. You can also include additional add-ons to your packages for the big event. See below for the contents and options:


● 90 minute duration
● Sports Venue (No Catering room)
● 1 Supervisory Coach
● Any Sports theme
● Team Photo
● Birthday Present
● Certificate ​

*Based upon 10 children - Priced @ £150.00 (£5.00 per additional child).

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● 120 minute duration
● Sports Venue with Catering room
● 1 Supervisory Coach
● Any Sports theme
● Team Photo (via post/email)
● Birthday Present
● Certificate
● Goody Bags
● Medals
● 1 Coaching Coach
● Invitations
● Cake ​

*Based upon 15 children - Priced @ £285.00 (£5.00 per additional child).

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Platinum - 'Build a party' Package

● Duration
● Sports Theme
● With OR Without Catering Room
● Number of Children
● Invitations
● Cake
● Goody Bags
● Professional Photography
● Medals
● Certificates
● Team Photo (High Resolution) 
● Prizes - Sweets

- All Custom party packages include birthday card & present for the birthday child 

**Prices vary depending on custom package requirements**

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Party Package Extras

Please feel free to add any of the add-on items below, to the party package you've selected.
Note: The items below are additional cost prices and not the cost of the items in the packages.

Add-ons Items

● Catering Room - £30.00 per/hour
● Coaching Coach - £20.00 per/hour
● Extra Present - £15.00
● Medals - £2.25 per/child
● Prizes - Sweets - £5.00
● Certificates - £7.50 Per 10 Children
● Food/Drink - £3.50 per/child
● Goody Bags - £6.00 per/child
● Professional Photos - £10.00 Email/£20.00 Prints
● Invitations - £10.00 per 10 Children
● Birthday Cake - £15.00 per 12 Child
● Team Photo - £10.00
● Extra 30 minutes - £15.00
● Extra 60 minutes - £30.00


See our the package options to choose from below, to suit your preference. 

Add-ons can selected when booking at the costings above. The price of the platinum package can be calculated when you have selected your contents. 



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50% deposit



50% deposit