Breakfast Clubs

What better way for a child to kickstart the day than with a fully active choice of activities before School to help support and promote a Healthy Lifestyle.


Before School we offer a breakfast club session which is a 30-60 minute period of activity for children to be kickstart their day as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

The programme can be altered to suit each individual school and their requirements. 

We provide an extensive choice of activities, not just sport, which are all inclusive including:

✔︎ Dodgeball
✔︎ Benchball
✔︎ Stretch & Flex
✔︎ Yoga/Pilates
✔︎ Circuits


Our Breakfast Club programme presents various benefits to schools and individuals which include:

⭐︎ Mentally and physically stimulated children

⭐︎ Engagement of certain groups of children

⭐︎ Contribution toward children's daily exercise 

⭐︎ Improved concentration to school work

⭐︎ Support for working parents

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