Cooking Club

Our cooking clubs provides the chance for children to learn the basic kitchen skills, from hygiene and safety to how to cook a 3-course meal with various nutritious foods on a weekly basis, including take home recipes. 

Our Cooking Programme

Our cooking programme is a section of our healthy living and lifestyle focus. 

Key Ingredients

➣ Open to 7-12 Year olds 

➣ Maximum Children: 20

➣ £5.00 without ingredients 
➣ £8.00 with ingredients

What's on the Menu

✔︎ Safety and Hygiene

✔︎ Drinks

✔︎ Starter, Main and Dessert 

✔︎ Come Dine with us

✔︎ Come Cook with us

✔︎ Choice4u

Bon Appetit, Dinner is Served!