Lunchtime Clubs

Our lunchtime cover provides schools with active, engaged and motivated activities for their children to participate in while developing and having fun in a safe environment during their lunchtimes.


We provide extended sports provision in the form of lunchtime sessions, catering for your school's lunchtime with sports, and health & wellbeing activities. 

Our lunchtime programme can cater for 60 - 90 minute lunchtimes and provide the desired number of coaches required to suit your needs to ensure effective delivery. 

Our delivery can vary dependant upon your school's requirements, but with the programme including:

 ⭐︎  Specific Sports sessions
 ⭐︎ Facilitating games/matches
⭐︎ Creative and engaging games/activities
⭐︎ 1-1 engagement
⭐︎ Extended physical activity 


Lunch time provisions hold a wide range of benefits to schools that impact both the school and it's pupils. 

The first is, this programme supports children to reach their national recommended daily exercise target of at least 60 minutes.

Keeping individuals engaged and on task in school can sometimes be a difficult task, but through the use of sports as tool this can be the vehicle to maintain their focus. Lunchtime sessions can be utilised to channel the children's energy in a safe environment which can lead to an extremely positive impact on children’s behaviour. This impact can be specially guided to children with behavioural needs, 'vulnerable children' and those with emotional needs.


From our experience of school lunchtimes, more often than not lunchtimes  experience the most issues with peer-peer, sport or ball game related problems. This is because it is one of the only opportunities in the school day where children are given the freedom to control their own decisions and let out their energy stored from their school or home lives.  

Our approach we take with this programme is a 'connection before correction' with the children in order to control and develop behaviour during our provisions. This inevitably means that our staff build relationships with the children in order to understand their behaviour; what they do and why they do it. This enables our coaches to then appropriately management and deal with behaviour and ultimately avoid poor decisions and support the children to make good choices. 

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