Strength & Conditioning Training

Our Strength & Conditioning sessions are based specifically around the client and focuses on key areas of physical fitness requiring improvement.

For all athletes, physical conditioning is key to reach their peak and maximise the advantage in their sports performance. Therefore, we offer the enhancement and conditioning of those physical areas specific to the individual we are working with.

We tailor all the sessions we deliver to relate to the game and the skills required for the athlete, and include ball work as much as possible where appropriate. We look to cater for both individuals with 1-2-1 sessions and a maximum of 4 in group sessions.


5 key physical focus areas including;

● Power
● Agility
● Co-Ordination
● Core Strength & Stability
● Muscular Strength

Our types of training includes:

● Gym Work
● Weights
● Resistance (Machines/training)
● Beach training
● Plyometrics



£25.00 / £28.00

block* / ad hoc

60 minutes training
Personalised individual plan