Physical Education

Providing PE provision to schools is a key service to providing individuals with the access and opportunity to learn, develop and excel in key fundamental skills including sporting activities.

Pupil Voice Feedback...

We recently asked pupils for their voice, by asking 12 questions; 2 open questions and 10 questions to which they agree, disagree or weren't sure, to attain feedback from the KS2 pupils we teach PE. We wanted their personal opinion on their feelings, knowledge and understanding to gain an overview of how PE affects them, how we are performing and what we can do to increase the positive impact sport can have on them. 

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PE Provision


Allowing time set aside for teachers to carry out planning, preparation and assessment is vital. Our Sports and Physical Activity Educators possess the skills and qualifications to manage full classes of children, meeting the needs of all learners and coping with challenging behaviour.

Within our PE provision we offer termly or annual provision consisting of 13-week terms or 39-week academic years. We can follow your current provision already in place or provide our own unique provision for you school, these include;
✔︎ PE Curriculum Map
✔︎ Assessments
✔︎ End of year reports
✔︎ Personal Best days


⭐︎ Stress-free end of year reports

⭐︎ All PPA covered

⭐︎ Guaranteed staff (no supplies needed)
⭐︎ PE Specialists with specific sports backgrounds 

⭐︎ Consistent support from Coach4u

Our Approach

Our role is to educate children; our approach however isn't just to teach children sport or even physical education or activity but to teach children morals with qualities including sportsmanship, leadership, effort and teamwork with personal qualities such as respect, confidence, self-belief and accomplishment.

Within our provisions, such qualities as the above are developed with sports used as the vehicle to drive individuals to learn, develop and succeed.

Also within our PE provision along with our after-school clubs, we adopt schemes and rewards systems to acknowledge good effort, teamwork and leadership and sportsmanship skills. These include:  

✔︎ Star of the week
✔︎ Star of the term 
✔︎ Stickers and Reward book


More than half of children enjoy PE, whether that may be a particular sport or all inclusive activities like Dodgeball, Benchball or even athletics and Dance. So our approach to behaviour is this: 

Our approach is a 'connection before correction' with the children in order to control and develop behaviour during our provisions. This inevitably means that our staff build relationships with the children in order to understand their behaviour; what they do and why they do it. This enables our coaches to then appropriately management and deal with behaviour and ultimately avoid poor decisions and support the children to make good choices.

We take the time to learn the individuals we teach and understand them in order to gain more successful results - our key is engaging with them to see what motivates and avoid the wrong attitude or behaviour afterall we are here to educate not discipline.  

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